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We found 38 job offers Security & Safety jobs in Myanmar

HSE Officer
Company: AA Medical Products

Coordinate with government agencies regarding licenses and permits EI, Boiler, Genset, Elevator, EPCDevelop site safety procedures and policiesConduct safety related trainingsManage daily engineering contractor, manufacturing staff, work permitConduct safety patrolsissue safety violation ticketsOversee operation of Waste Water Treatment Plant, Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting EquipmentManage site HSE compliance to government regulationsPerform other tasks identified as related to HSE program implementation and improvement

Job posted: 9.5.2020

Safety Supervisor
Company: Max Myanmar Construction Co.,Ltd.

Work together with contractor HSE Representatives, Fire Wardens, First AidersCarry out toolbox meetings everyday weekly before starting of daily works.Conduct Safety Induction Training andor Safety Briefing to the suppliersvisitors and newcomersParticipate in Project HSE Coordination Meetings onsite and highlight necessary safety preventive measures to be taken on time in full in meeting.Ensure everybody to follow MMCC inhouse safety rules and regulations, PTW system, SOPs, SWP and other project safety requirements.Ensure Fire extinguisher are provided and inspected regularly.Check all first aid items are provided and replenished in the first aid box.Supervise workplaces to be maintained good housekeeping all the time.Conduct regular inspect onsite to observe Unsafe Actions Unsafe Conditions and report its to Project Manager for remedial actions.Stop work on highrisk unsafe actions and conditions and report its to Project Manager immediately for taking the necessary remedial actions.Also report all UAUC observations, near misses, accidents incidents, property damages and also Environmental incidents to, HSE Manager and HSE Department Head Office.Ensure that all safety signage including prohibitions signshazard warning signs mandatory signs should be provided at the intended work area on site.Assist in investigation of all accident, incident and nearmiss occurrences.Maintain Documents keeping.

Job posted: 3.5.2020

HSE Lead
Company: De Heus Myanmar

AccountabilitiesACCOUNTABILITY 130 Leadership: Deploy HSE systemCountry HSE Lead will serve as the primary HSE resource for their country, but are expected to assume the lead role for the HSE discipline expertise that they bring to the teamStandardize procedures work instructions HSE activities in line as per De Heuss development orientationACCOUNTABILITY 220 Communication: Communicate effectively with PMs, location and HSE team members in the development and implementation of HSE program. Work closely with Plant Managers and Head of Depts for making plan and train on HSE Programs Policies Goals Processes Standards for all employees95 be completed as per fixed planACCOUNTABILITY 320 Continuous Improvement: PeriodicallyImplement the internal audit in order to comply with the 45001 OHSAS 14001 EM System and HSE legal requirements and other requirements. Maintain awareness of developing environmental, health safety issues generally, in our industry, to improvement efforts necessary to achieve environmental, health safety compliance Work closely with accredited organizations to set up instruct audit and maintain the 45001 OHSAS 14001 Environment Management SystemACCOUNTABILITY 420 People Development: Manage risk in almost Plant activities and Develop environmental, health safety leadership and awareness skills at all levels and roles of the organization within the country.95 done activities for Hazard Identify Root Cause Analysis HIRCA. Provide technical and regulatory compliance expertise and support. And on behalf of Employer to deal with Government Officials coming to plant for periodic inspectionACCOUNTABILITY 510 Reporting and Measuring: Summary reports and analysis on environmental, health safety activities, performance measurement and results of country for improvementOn behalf of Employer to deal with Government Officials coming to plant for periodic inspectionZero penalty from authorized bodies regarding to HSE fieldKey contacts1.Board of Management internal,Authorized bodies or Government Officials external2.Other departments internal,Consultant services Partners external3.Subordinates Coworkers internal

Job posted: 30.4.2020

Safety Officer
Company: EMC Manufacturing Limited.

Make daily safety inspection and audit, sent report via email with pictures.Make sure safety health issues in working environment, chemicals hazardous waste first aid kits.Train develop the knowledge of employee in OSH issues.Make enquiry and report the process of injury cases, suggest the ways of how to prevent it.Safety managementWork, Excel, PowerPoint

Job posted: 30.4.2020

Company: SKG & RGP

Job posted: 28.4.2020

Safety Assistance
Company: SKG & RGP

Job posted: 28.4.2020

Health & Safety Officer
Company: Convenience Prosperity Co.,Ltd

Set up safely policiesupdate them when necessaryIdentify and develop relevant training programCarry out safetyrelated training for worker and managersInspect and report hazardous situations in workplaceKeep record of safetyrelated accidentsInvestigate reasons root cause behind accidentPrepare and present to management periodic report of safety operations.Enforce safety regulations in every departmentbranch,found to be violating the guidelines.

Job posted: 24.4.2020

Safety Supervisor
Company: Barons & Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd.

Safety Supervisor of Safety Department is responsibility for development and implementation safety policy to help reduce accident related cost and prevent losses due to decline in productivity . He perform OSH risk assessment , Review of Risks , and ensure Risk mitigation control are in place. He regularly perform safety inspection , issue stop work instructions when controls are not being followed , bring up OSH awareness level of vendors to ensure overall OHSAS compliance or the organizationPrimary Job Description1 Prepare written agendas, summaries of issues and action plan for reviews by senior department leader and others as needed.2 Prepare and maintain variety of safety records for projects assigned.3 Keeping records of inspection findings and producing reports that suggest improvement.4 Perform HighRisk Assessment as per Risk Assessment Checklists and assign safety inspectors in High Risk Work to ensure controls are in place and stop work when controls are not being followed.5 Assist to Assistant Safety Officer in recording of incidents and accidents and product statistics for management review.6 Assist to Assistant Safety Officer in outlining safe operational procedures and conduct awareness trainings throughout the organization.7 Ensure assigned projects, warehouses and offices have risk assessments and RA checklists and ways to reduce risks are planned and review and revise if need8 Support project team in client meetings to discuss with clients on effective safety control programs specific to the project.9 All injuries, accidents and nearmiss as well as dangerous occurrence are immediately reported to department heads and project managers while all incident reports are prepared directly to the management.10 Provide safety training to subcontractor and develop the supplychain to follow the companys safety regulation.11 Conduct safety orientation course, induction course and others related inhouse safety training.12 To conduct safety training and knowledge sharing to safety inspector for improvement of safety culture and to be adaptable with organization.13 Regularly perform safety risk assessment as on project,warehouse and office location and formulate mitigation measure.14 Develop site safety management plan SMP for the project to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, visitor and communities.15 Ensure to organize Safety Management Committee of all projects and regular meetings of Safety Management Committee are held for enhancing awareness of Hazard Identification and Control

Job posted: 23.4.2020

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