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Good communication and interpersonal skills

Job posted: 20.2.2019

Jr. Industrial Researcher
Company: Myanmar Marketing Research & Development, Ltd. (MMRD)

In briefAssist the Industry ResearcherSpecialist consultant in data collection, reporting, client service and general assistance with regards to setting up and operations of Industrial Insight Department.Identify and understand trends in related industry sector. He also gather data on market share, market size and trends that may affect market size or share in the future, financial costs and performances.Support articlesreportsnewsletter for MMRD Guide and PublicationsProvides translation of reportsarticle from Myanmar to English and English to Myanmar for Publication DivisionParticipates in appropriate occasions such as seminars, workshops and external training programme with departments arrangement and assignmentStudies ongoing business and industrial situation in MyanmarSupport UMFCCI and trade associations upon assignmentOperational managementAssist the projects under the guidance of Department ManagerResearch Director and support the project team in specialized projectsProvides knowledge, skills and abilities in supervision and delivery on research objective to ensure meaningful and valueadded findings and coordinates with team members to achieve highest possible efficiencyAs a Researcher, he needs to possess technical skill such asResearch methodologyOther related analytical toolsIndustry knowledgeAnalysis, report preparation and presentation

Job posted: 19.2.2019

Company: Fortune International Limited

Production Creative Team Team work Microsoft Office Media Field

Job posted: 16.2.2019

Quality Control

Check the quality of raw material, product ingredients, and finished product.Checking the production line step by step under the instruction, training.Ability to work under regulation of companyTesting the chemical and physical analysis in the laboratory roomObserve the smell, color, texture in the processing line

Job posted: 15.2.2019

Research Analyst Manager
Company: Myanmar Marketing Research & Development, Ltd. (MMRD)

Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Job posted: 14.2.2019

Plant Microbiologist
Company: Colgate-Palmolive (Myanmar) Limited

Support implementation of Colgate Global Quality Standards and Guidelines the International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs with particular focus on some area.Provide annual Quality targets and goals to all individuals from the Micro Lab team Individual ObjectivesLead the Microbiological Control Quality Standard QS 023 implementation in the plant including compliance of Micro Lab and guidance on new or modified equipment layout design in accordance to corporate guidelines.Develop and implement an onsite microbiology program for sampling and testing program for water, raw materials, workinprocess WIP, environmental samples finished products at the facility including optimization of Cleaning and Sanitization procedures.Ensure all testing is performed according to corporate methods QMICs and policy and adheres to good microbiological practices.Understand and use basic laboratory safety equipment and instructions, precautions in handling and disposing of biological materials, in accordance with local environmental regulations.Ensure that the reporting of data and maintenance of records is documented. Also, that the interpretation of the data is correct and that the results are effectively communicated to appropriate individuals, including management.Devise and execute a program of routine problem resolution and continuous improvement.In partnership with operations engineering, review all plans for implementation of new equipment or change. Develop and implement plant floor micro control program based on CS Guidelines, Control Point Monitoring, Micro Susceptibility Index, Micro Performance Index and Process Validation.Develop and update a micro defense strategy plan.Ensure efficacy reliability of the micro decision process including Positive Release.Use rapid microbiological testing methods Celsis whenever appropriate.Coach and train facility personnel and laboratory staff on microbiological issues, risk avoidance, hygiene and good housekeeping practices International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs.Train develop the laboratory staff using the principles of Coaching Feedback as well as the training supports provided by the Corporation such Goal Oriented Learning Units.Develop implement microbiology training, GMP training for plant floor management and operators.Provide to each Micro Lab staff Quality individual objectives.Support supplier certification process to improve micro control in our incoming raw material.Conduct and report microbiological verificationvalidation of water systems, cleaning and sanitization procedures and other qualityrelated operating standards.Lead with the Plant Operation Manager the Site CS Steering Committee and review progress on gapassessment periodically.Function as part of the Plants Quality Teams: Capabilities team, Operation Steering Committees.Interface with Global QualityMicrobiology teams to provide input on programs, procedures and methods, and receive guidance support on implementation of programs.Participate in internal audits and external audits contract manufacturers labs, suppliers, etc.. Function as part of the Plant GMP Quality Team.Manage lab spending Operating supplies CEB and drive operation effectivenessResponsible for assigned Quality Standard as an owner.

Job posted: 8.2.2019

Research & Development Manager
Company: UMG Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Develop and manage innovation of product and process in company to achieve goals.Develop and improve formula and innovation of existing product with good profitability.Develop and formulate new product with good costingManage, lead, and review product development projectManage consumer test before new product launchManage good relationship with raw material, flavor, and seasoning supplier to look for potential item

Job posted: 8.2.2019

Research & Development Assistant Executive
Company: City Mart Holding Co., Ltd.

Assist in new product development. Execute test cases, conduct experiments, producing sample products, and document results. Conduct daily inhouse product test and report rectify any failed tests. Compilingchecking product specifications. Evaluate new ingredient submissions. Conduct sensory evaluation and shelf life test. Maintain proper documentation to support costing, labelling, scale up and production of new and existing products. Ensure compliance of product formulations, product labels, and health claims to meet regulatory requirements. Performs sampling and testing of incoming components and raw materials. Perform achoc duties as assigned.

Job posted: 7.2.2019

Research and Development Manager
Company: Golden Hawks International Limited.

Good Presentation and Reporting Skills to the Management .

Job posted: 3.2.2019

Research & Development Manager
Company: Capital Diamond Star Group (CDSG) Co.,LTD.

Product development by communicating with marketing department and Nissin Singapore RD.Support the consumer test to conduct new product development and adjusting the product.Check the raw material to use product by checking quality, document and factory inspection.Conduct daily raw material inspection by liaising with QC team.Conduct QA for the instant noodle factory and process.To communicate with FDA and apply the FDA license.Apply and maintain the GMP license.Apply and maintain the HACCP license.Apply and maintain the ISO license.Apply and maintain food related license if necessary.Research Development Manager Noodle Factory

Job posted: 31.1.2019

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