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We found 13 job offers Science & Research jobs in Myanmar

Research & Analysis Specialist

Devise and evaluate methods for collecting data, such as surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, and opinion polls.Present their findings to executives and clients through charts, graphs, and other visual means to help them make betterinformed decisions about product introductions, modifications, and marketing campaigns. Interpret the data theyve collected, organizing this information into statistical tables and reports.Create a visual of industry trends and of competitors so organizations can predict how products and services will fare in the marketplace.Measure effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies.

Job posted: 20.6.2021

Consultant (Cyber Security) (Code-41416)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

DescriptionDocument creation and translation Japanese to English and MyanmareseCybersecurity training to clientsRemark informationIT business Experience or Interest in IT field Prefer

Job posted: 15.6.2021

Senior Industrial Researcher
Company: Myanmar Marketing Research & Development, Ltd. (MMRD)

Must be strategic, creative and good in public relations

Job posted: 14.6.2021

R & D Manager

Leading RD efforts of company from its inception to develop a range of proteinbased medical device products Building and implementing a detailed biochemical laboratory research work plan to fulfill companys research objectives Working to improve and expand companys novel protein cross linking formulation Developing prototypes for range of products based on companys technology Collaborating with medical professionals to run preclinical and clinical testing of prototypes Managing multidisciplinary and multisite teams to develop several products in parallel Hosting audits from third parties and regulatory agenciesa

Job posted: 27.5.2021

Data Scientist
Company: De Heus Myanmar

DATA ANALYSIS Data mining and data analysisoDiscover patterns within large data sets, to assist the business in strategic development.DATA MODELLING Developing and assessing data models and algorithmsoDevelop the most suitable algorithm to build a data model that will assist the business with complex problem solving.oMeasuring the effectiveness of the data model and improving the efficiencyDATA GATHERING Using different data gathering techniquesoDeploying the most effective data collecting technique to collect reliable data.OPTIMIZATION Using modelling to optimize stakeholder experienceoDeploy an effective model that can be interpreted easily and effectively by the stakeholders.DATA ACCURACY Develop processes and tools to monitor model performance and accuracyoAbility to measure the data quality defined in the models, i.e. timeliness, completeness, consistency, accuracy, etc.PREDICTIONS Make accurate predictions and decisionsoBe able to interpret the data to assist the business to come to a conclusion and make accurate decisions.

Job posted: 29.8.2020

Secondary Level Science
Company: EMPS International School

Develop and present lesson by using a variety of techniques, including lectures, group discussions, projects, exhibits, field trips, audiovisual and library resources, computers, and the internetAttend and participate in all school functions, and staff meetings as requestedMaintain accurate and complete student records, and prepare reports on children and activities, as required by administrative regulationsPrepare teaching materials for class activitiesPerform other duties as assignedRegarding Academic skills

Job posted: 8.8.2020

Plant Microbiologist
Company: Colgate-Palmolive (Myanmar) Limited

Support implementation of Colgate Global Quality Standards and Guidelines the International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs with particular focus on some area.Provide annual Quality targets and goals to all individuals from the Micro Lab team Individual ObjectivesLead the Microbiological Control Quality Standard QS 023 implementation in the plant including compliance of Micro Lab and guidance on new or modified equipment layout design in accordance to corporate guidelines.Develop and implement an onsite microbiology program for sampling and testing program for water, raw materials, workinprocess WIP, environmental samples finished products at the facility including optimization of Cleaning and Sanitization procedures.Ensure all testing is performed according to corporate methods QMICs and policy and adheres to good microbiological practices.Understand and use basic laboratory safety equipment and instructions, precautions in handling and disposing of biological materials, in accordance with local environmental regulations.Ensure that the reporting of data and maintenance of records is documented. Also, that the interpretation of the data is correct and that the results are effectively communicated to appropriate individuals, including management.Devise and execute a program of routine problem resolution and continuous improvement.In partnership with operations engineering, review all plans for implementation of new equipment or change. Develop and implement plant floor micro control program based on CS Guidelines, Control Point Monitoring, Micro Susceptibility Index, Micro Performance Index and Process Validation.Develop and update a micro defense strategy plan.Ensure efficacy reliability of the micro decision process including Positive Release.Use rapid microbiological testing methods Celsis whenever appropriate.Coach and train facility personnel and laboratory staff on microbiological issues, risk avoidance, hygiene and good housekeeping practices International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs.Train develop the laboratory staff using the principles of Coaching Feedback as well as the training supports provided by the Corporation such Goal Oriented Learning Units.Develop implement microbiology training, GMP training for plant floor management and operators.Provide to each Micro Lab staff Quality individual objectives.Support supplier certification process to improve micro control in our incoming raw material.Conduct and report microbiological verificationvalidation of water systems, cleaning and sanitization procedures and other qualityrelated operating standards.Lead with the Plant Operation Manager the Site CS Steering Committee and review progress on gapassessment periodically.Function as part of the Plants Quality Teams: Capabilities team, Operation Steering Committees.Interface with Global QualityMicrobiology teams to provide input on programs, procedures and methods, and receive guidance support on implementation of programs.Participate in internal audits and external audits contract manufacturers labs, suppliers, etc.. Function as part of the Plant GMP Quality Team.Manage lab spending Operating supplies CEB and drive operation effectivenessResponsible for assigned Quality Standard as an owner.

Job posted: 3.7.2020

Chief Analyst
Company: Wall Street English Myanmar

Produce weeklymonthlyquarterly security reports and Threat Risk AssessmentsRecord all information related to safety and security in the Exera GIS Geographic Information System database dailyUpdate Crime and Traffic statistics monthlyAssist Head of Risk Management and Investigators with any research projects as requiredCollect information for Flash News reports from Exeras Regional Security Managers and ECC Emergency Control CentreReview sources daily for events, issues and articles regarding safety and securitySocial Media MonitoringAssists in due diligence investigations and research as requiredDevelop an information network Humint that provides updates across Myanmar as situation changes

Job posted: 13.6.2020

Research & Development Manager
Company: Proven Group of Compaies

Report to the production director. A research and development RD manager performs a number of highly important roles within an organization. They are responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols into their company or organization and overseeing the development of new products. The industry in which a research and development manager works will likely have an impact on their specific duties, as these professionals often find employment in fields like healthcare, technology, business, and pharmaceuticals. The RD manager should also stay informed on what is happening in the research and development field at large in order to make sure their company is uptodate and current with the most advanced RD developments. Managing new product development projects and innovation. Manage technical outreach and interactions with external suppliers to select and integrate battery solutions for use in projects. Provide engineering support battery systems document problems in the field, investigate root causes, and influence future iterations. Work of Battery Systems Product Development to create engineering standards policies for the company. Managing new product development projects and innovation. Providing input to product specifications for performance, system compatibility and improving manufacturing processes. Design comprehensive battery test protocols to characterize all required design. Provide cutting edge battery performance expertise and advise fellow engineers. Developing and implementing policies, standards and procedures, and technical work for the industry. Assigning, coordinating, and reviewing the technical work of a department or departments. Create and maintain an efficient, hygienic, and positive working environment. Understand the Standard Operating Procedures and Inspection Regulations. Ensure quality control and efficient work flow. Understand the ISO System, RC, TQM System and follow them to work together for improvement.

Job posted: 12.6.2020

Research Development Officer
Company: Myanmar Imperial University

Producing and disseminating research data and report.Writing research paper specifications.Carrying out quantitative data analysis through the utilization of Microsoft Excel and or SPSS.Conducting qualitative analysis of data conducted through interviews, focus groups or workshops.Analyzing data.Making sure that assigned project deadlines are met.Writingediting questionnaires and reports.Keeping uptodate with researchpolicy development.Providing guidance on ethical issues in research assessment of University research.Developing and maintaining relations with key stakeholders in order to build the University network through research.Organizing the Universitys research events and seminars.Ensuring the accurate records of the University KPI metrics are kept.Working closely with team members as part of a team with other departmental members to work on different tasks and activities.Taking responsibilities for the data and research project management as well as administration tasks related to research.Fulfilling other respective tasks and duties by the line manager.

Job posted: 12.6.2020

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