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Merchandising & Event Officer
Company: AA Medical Products

Overall ResponsibilityResponsible for creating and delivering marketing ideas and activities. Concept and creates marketing materials, manages projects and ensures company messages are consistent. Key Area of AccountabilityResponsible for making plans of the event organizing requirements.Manage tools and ordering and production of brand communication tools,POMS points of Sales Materials, equipment and items.To prepare event layout blueprint of whole event.To communicate with third parties, and meet event expectations and requirements.Responsible for ensuring excellent customer service, quality delivery and exceptional project quality and the event goes smoothly and has no glitchesmalfunctions.Plan the event according to the budget and make sure that spending is as per plan.Providing leadership, direction and motivation to the project team and ensure that they are performing their duties as delegated.To train new employee of the event organizer and take part in the recruitment and hiring process.To make sure the efficient effective use of resources,POSM , expenses of merchandising marketing activities.To make sure the brand visibility sales growth.

Job posted: 27.4.2020

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