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We found 6 job offers Manufacturing jobs in Myanmar

Purchaser (FMCG ) (Code-36460)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

Mini Mart

Job posted: 9.7.2020

Marketing Assistant (Code-36997)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Distribution Company

Job posted: 6.7.2020

Manufacturing Technician
Company: AA Medical Products

To Perform Manufacturing or packaging process with BMREPR and SOP.To compile and record BMR BPR.To manage work place Cleaning Keepingmaintain To perform machine operating management.To prepare GMP documents Batch Manufacturing Record BMRBatch Packaging Record BPR Standard Operating Procedure SOP, etc.To review issue BMR BRP SOP .

Job posted: 27.4.2020

Manufacturing Supervisor
Company: AA Medical Products

Coordinate with various sections for smooth operation.Indent of change parts, spare parts for production and Miscellaneous materials.Able to adjust with multicultural environment.Understand the grievances of the employee and update to the Management with suggestion wherever required.

Job posted: 27.4.2020

Plant Operation Manager (Lubricant)
Company: AA Medical Products

Developing and implementing innovative strategies to streamline factory operations. Develop, implement and review operational policies and procedures Screening, recruiting, and provide training to new factory workers. Collaborating with quality control managers to establish and execute quality control processes. Ensuring that factory machinery is in good working order. Analyzing production data to identify and resolve any production issues. Preparing production reports with root causes analysis and gap closure. Regularly inspecting finished products to determine whether they meet established quality standards. Motivating factory workers to continually achieve factory targets. Provide inspired leadership for the organization. Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale. Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing. Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations. Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company. Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Job posted: 27.4.2020

Team Leader (Manufacturing)
Company: Kangaroo Group

Report to Vice DirectorDirects the daily production schedule for manufactured products to ensure that the products are produced according to the prescribed schedule and established quality standards.Analyzes the daily production schedule to ensure that personnel staffing and process capabilities will allow scheduled production to be attained.Provides daily report on total production efficiency and quality variances to ensure that production processes conform to prescribed production schedules.Directs the collection of performance data for each process and for the personnel in each area, to determine the productivity and efficiency of the operation to a daily basis.conducts and update on an ongoing basis the training of labors, as well as testing of new processes and procedures, to ensure that production lobors regulatory and safety requirements.Identifies in process control problems and corrects or enlists technical support to ensure deficiencies are corrected.Conducts regular meeting with employees of manufacturing to communicate objectives, goals and results.Participates and involves employees in companywide Quality improvement process and projects teams. Complies with all environmental, health and safety related activities.

Job posted: 27.4.2020

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