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We found 21 job offers Maintainance and Production Jobs in Myanmar

Maintenance Manager
Company: Eastern Group of Companies

Maintenance Manager For Livestock Paung GyiDeveloping maintenance procedures and ensuring implementationStudy existing system and provide training to new maintenance employeeCarrying out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issuesChecking electrical and control systems of buildings to ensure functionalityAllocate workload and supervise maintenance staffMonitor expenses and control the budget for maintenanceKeep maintenance logs and report on daily activitiesFor Bago

Job posted: 18.12.2018

Senior Maintenance
Company: Eastern Group of Companies

Senior Maintenance Livestock for HleguDeveloping maintenance procedures and ensuring implementationStudy existing system and provide training to new maintenance employeeCarrying out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issuesChecking electrical and control systems of buildings to ensure functionalityAllocate workload and supervise junior staffKeep maintenance logs and report on daily activities

Job posted: 18.12.2018

Garment Production Manager
Company: Cho Cho Phyu Industrial & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Goods production drafting Plan production, Maintenance, to check quality levels to be able to properly manage.Improve the plants operations, Adequate and secure peace efforts must be undertaken.Factory work rules and ensure safe must carefully monitor.Products produced in accordance with the prescribed standards and must try to be finished on time. Notwithstanding the waste products and must be able to manage to avoid lost.Relations Association and must be able to work together. Must be a longterm work with the company.

Job posted: 14.12.2018

Welder ( ဂေဟေဆာ္သူ)
Company: International KLM Co., Ltd.

Job posted: 14.12.2018

Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance operations such as generator, transformer and other electrical equipment installation, implementation and repairing tasks in factory. Organising routine servicing schedules. Checking and calibrating instruments to make sure they are accurate . Fitting new parts . Responding immediately to equipment breakdowns . Fixing faults or arranging for replacements to be installed . Organising teams to make sure 24hour cover is available.

Job posted: 14.12.2018

Utilities & Facility Maintenance Section Head
Company: Asia Pacific Beverages Myanmar Co., Ltd

Oversees the functions and overall operations of the systems under Utilities Section. Formulates improvement plans on existing policies and procedures to increase the efficiency of operations and maintenance. Responsible for organizing systems and procedures for the purpose of maximizing usage of available human resources, facilities and equipments. Regularly conducts general inspection of system operations and ongoing jobs to ensure conformity to the specifications as required. Coordinates with various sections and departments regarding schedules, supplies as well as other operational requirements relating to systems under the Utilities Section. Ensures the sufficiency and efficient utilization of all materials needed in the operation and maintenance of the section. Monitors and periodically appraises subordinates performance according to their respective assignments. Promotes and monitors proper order, safety and cleanliness within area of responsibility. Performs various administrative functions within his area of responsibility, such as performance evaluation, recommendations of disciplinary action or promotion, daily time records, leave of absence, under time and overtime, etc. Responsible for taking corrective actions on accidents and other unusual occurrences concerning the section and its personnel. Performs other duties and tasks that may be assigned from time to time that support Company and team objectives.

Job posted: 13.12.2018

Product Executive
Company: Fair Deal Co., Ltd

Plan and carry out Trade marketing and promotional activities for the productsAssist the Brand Manager in laying out the local brand strategiesWork closely with sales team andor Brand executive for execution of marketing activities and trade displayWork with Phoenix Sales Team counterparts to ensure alignment of BTL Sales ActivityManage and execute events and workshops at Trade Programs.

Job posted: 13.12.2018

Production Manager
Company: Great Wall Group of Companies

Able to use MS office application.Able to work in Maung Kong Station.Near Da Gaung

Job posted: 10.12.2018

Production Helper
Company: Myanmar Japan Tobacco Co., Ltd.

Responsible to perform minor troubleshooting on production maker and packer issues. Ensure machine is cleaned daily as per cleaning checklist and deep cleaning is carried out upon complete of production order.Responsible to perform cleaning to the MakePacker lines, machine areas and operators working station.Responsible to operate machine in high efficiency and deliver finish goods in good quality, low reject and low cost.Responsible to follow the brand change procedures accordingly.Assist on new equipment set up and equipment relayout and relocation when required. Assist on preventive maintenance, improvement program and IICI program.Ensure to learnunderstand all the knowledges,functions and natures of the respective machine.Responsible to shareteach the knowledge of the production nature to new comers.Assists in the implementation of EEHS related projectsactivities ensuring required works are being performed according to JTI standards, specifications and meeting local regulations and requirements.Ensure compliance to JTI code of conduct and JTI EEHS policy. Ensure EEHS guidelines and procedures being follow while performing daily tasks.Perform monthly stock count for all NTM and TM and ensure the counted quantity are accurate.Responsible for KPI related to EHS, manufacturing and quality. Example of the KPI are, beetle count, quality rating, reject ratio, technical efficiency and etc.To perform any other tasks given by the direct manager.

Job posted: 7.12.2018

Production Staff
Company: HHT International Co., Ltd

Good communication skills.

Job posted: 1.12.2018

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