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We found 66 job offers Maintainance and Production Jobs in Myanmar

Maintenance Supervisor
Company: Yangon Industrial Gas Co., Ltd

To monitor the readiness of any safety equipment in plant such as Fire Pump, Fire Alarm, Critical Safety Circuit System CSS, etc. to be in a normal condition and always ready to use.To monitor the readiness of machine to be able to promptly use at all time as well as to control the cost of maintenance to meet the budget plan.To set up a schedule for maintenance planning and checking such as PMCMDowntime by using data from Computerized Maintenance Management System CMMS to reach the highest efficiency level in term of time, quality, cost and expenses, etc.To prepare the Work Breakdown or Task Preparation for assigned maintenance works including Job Safety and Environmental Analysis JSEA in order to meet the target efficiently with highest safety.To check, evaluate, and find out an error caused by a fault or defect in a machine by using data analysis of Process Data, Machine Data, and Physical Check in order to get rid of such fault or defect and conduct the preventive maintenance planning especially when machine breakdown.To oversee a contractor who in charge of maintenance task to meet the requirements of an agreement with highest safety.To coordinate and contact with a contractor and staffs from internal unit related in maintenance task such as EHSQ, Procurement, Store, etc. to meet the mutual target completely.To assess and check the equipment in a backup system such as High Pressure Pump, Cooling Water Pump, and Emergency Generator to be ready for use in case of Emergency Shutdown in order to be aligned with Emergency Response Plan regarding the continuous pipeline system.To plan and conduct a weekly or monthly maintenance activity with related parties such as Plant Operator, EHSQ, Contractor, etc.To record maintenance data and conduct a maintenance report such as Corrective Maintenance, Overhaul, Downtime Maintenance in order to create the maintenance history record and also to support on the recommendations giving for Plant Operator.To prepare the Spare Part for maintenance work referring to a part number from an equipment instruction and manual.To search, check, and select the data from Drawing such as electrical system Electrical Drawing, Pipeline Drawing, PID, etc. correctly to use in next process.To monitor the maintenance equipment and keep it to be ready for use as well as to be able to conduct a maintenance task with a timely manner.To arrange the data and submit for the approval of Management of Change MOC to be in line with APCIMOC Standard in order to get a review of change correctly and safely, and always getting the updated information.To operate the maintenance work by following with related standards such as Process Safety, ISO System, related laws, and APCI standard.To restrain or control any emergency situations from the assignment in order to be aligned with Emergency Response Plan.To support any other assignments as requested.Reports to:Plant ManagerSectDivision:Supply Chain DivisionDepartment:Maintenance

Job posted: 6.12.2019

Maintenance Staff
Company: Trust Venture Partners Co., Ltd

Repairing equipmentPlanning and undertaking scheduled maintenanceThe quality of machine, equipment or plant maintenance operationsIndustry Import Wholesale

Job posted: 5.12.2019

Machine Operator (Code-29633)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.


Job posted: 4.12.2019

CPL Shift Supervisor
Company: JFE Meranti

Lead a shift team to support development and execution of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing.Ensure labour resources are used efficiently to achieve production targets and meet customer needs whilst working safely.To help build a culture of excellence in Safety, Quality, Production, and Teamwork.To assist with training and competency assessment of operations staff.Be a part of the Shift Management Team that will lead the shift.

Job posted: 4.12.2019

Utility Engineer / Maintenance Engineer
Company: Colgate-Palmolive (Myanmar) Limited

Repairing equipment and also efficiency improvementSupervising engineering and technical staffObtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittingsManaging budgets and maintaining statistical and financial recordsEnsuring compliance with health and safety legislationCreating maintenance procedures and managing stocks of supplies and equipmentParticipate in energy savings projects

Job posted: 4.12.2019

Maintenance Executive
Company: City Mart Holding Co., Ltd.

Responsible for Electrical and mechanical Maintenance of all stores and office. Responsible for execution of maintenance jobs like preventive breakdown maintenance. Manpower Planning, Deployment Managing maintenance activities. Responsible for execution of regular repair, maintenance testing as per plan. Help in Safety initiatives and other major initiatives to prevent accidents. Daily breakdown analysis and corrective action execution Direct junior maintenance engineers in the performance of approved maintenance work including quality control, duration, cost and thoroughness. Identify, arrange and track the skills training and development needs of each team member. Provide support and leadership in troubleshooting equipment. Responsible to decrease the maintenance related expenditure

Job posted: 3.12.2019

Maintenance Manager
Company: Eastern Group of Companies

Maintenance Manager For Livestock Paung GyiDeveloping maintenance procedures and ensuring implementationStudy existing system and provide training to new maintenance employeeCarrying out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issuesChecking electrical and control systems of buildings to ensure functionalityAllocate workload and supervise maintenance staffMonitor expenses and control the budget for maintenanceKeep maintenance logs and report on daily activitiesFor Bago

Job posted: 3.12.2019

Senior Maintenance
Company: Eastern Group of Companies

Senior Maintenance Livestock for HleguDeveloping maintenance procedures and ensuring implementationStudy existing system and provide training to new maintenance employeeCarrying out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issuesChecking electrical and control systems of buildings to ensure functionalityAllocate workload and supervise junior staffKeep maintenance logs and report on daily activities

Job posted: 3.12.2019

Utilities & Facility Maintenance Section Head
Company: Asia Pacific Beverages Myanmar Co., Ltd

Oversees the functions and overall operations of the systems under Utilities Section. Formulates improvement plans on existing policies and procedures to increase the efficiency of operations and maintenance. Responsible for organizing systems and procedures for the purpose of maximizing usage of available human resources, facilities and equipments. Regularly conducts general inspection of system operations and ongoing jobs to ensure conformity to the specifications as required. Coordinates with various sections and departments regarding schedules, supplies as well as other operational requirements relating to systems under the Utilities Section. Ensures the sufficiency and efficient utilization of all materials needed in the operation and maintenance of the section. Monitors and periodically appraises subordinates performance according to their respective assignments. Promotes and monitors proper order, safety and cleanliness within area of responsibility. Performs various administrative functions within his area of responsibility, such as performance evaluation, recommendations of disciplinary action or promotion, daily time records, leave of absence, under time and overtime, etc. Responsible for taking corrective actions on accidents and other unusual occurrences concerning the section and its personnel. Performs other duties and tasks that may be assigned from time to time that support Company and team objectives.

Job posted: 2.12.2019

Supervisor (Production Department)
Company: Asia Pacific Beverages Myanmar Co., Ltd

Oversee productions performance and ensures running condition of all machinesOversee production peoples performanceImplements company rules and regulationsEnsures manpower utilizationPrepares reports and other documentation required by the system.Proper implementation of GMP and sanitary proceduresEnsure proper usage of all packaging and raw materialsEnsures development of all people under hisher jurisdiction.To be able to do any other task by hisher superior.To participate in any program that management will require.Check and review all documentation of production and ensures development of documentation as per required by the system.

Job posted: 2.12.2019

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