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Value Chain Manager
Company: De Heus Myanmar

Market information collection to analyze supply and demand of broilers with an initial focus on Yangon area Based on market analysis, setting buying and selling price strategy Aligning live broiler production planning at farm level with final endcustomer demand i.e. slaughterhousewholesaleControl the specifications of the live broilers size, weight, quality, health in line with buyers demandDevelop Tracking and Tracing system together with ICT Manager Myanmar with support of De Heus Asia andor Global to control flow from farm to slaughterhousewholesaler 4.2Coordination of slaughtering and supply to wholesalersTake responsibility for developing and maintaining the relationships with independent slaughterhouses and processing plants Endresponsible for quality of the endproduct in line with agreed standards 4.3Pricing, cost and margin Prepare volume, OPEX and margin budget annually Control operational expenses based on OPEX budgetTogether with Managing Director take net margin responsibility

Job posted: 14.6.2020

Supply Chain Manager
Company: Win Brothers Group of Companies Ltd

Review or update supply chain practices in accordance with new or changing environmental policies, standards, regulations, or laws.Select transportation routes to maximize economy by combining shipments or consolidating warehousing and distribution.Diagram supply chain models to help facilitate discussions with customers.Develop material costs forecasts or standard cost lists.Assess appropriate material handling equipment needs and staffing levels to load, unload, move, or store materials.Appraise vendor manufacturing ability through onsite visits and measurements.Negotiate prices and terms with suppliers, vendors, or freight forwarders.Monitor supplier performance to assess ability to meet quality and delivery requirements.Monitor forecasts and quotas to identify changes or to determine their effect on supply chain activities.Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, or to discuss production forecasts or changes.Implement new or improved supply chain processes.Collaborate with other departments, such as procurement, engineering, and quality assurance, to identify or qualify new suppliers.Develop or implement procedures or systems to evaluate or select suppliers.Analyze information about supplier performance or procurement program success.Design or implement supply chains that support environmental policies.Document physical supply chain processes, such as workflows, cycle times, position responsibilities, or system flows.

Job posted: 13.6.2020

Warehouse In-Charge / Senior Warehouse Staff
Company: Rohto-Mentholatum(Myanmar)Co.,Ltd

Ensure the data entry in Bin Card, Ledger and Computer System.Prepare issue products and complete order for Production and Distributors.Must need to Communicate quality related information to relevant organization.Have to report to Head of Department.Participate in development of product specification.

Job posted: 10.6.2020

Site Storekeeper
Company: Pro Paragon Construction Co., Ltd

Store Site

Job posted: 8.6.2020

Fleet Manager
Company: KT Group

Coordinate, administer and monitor the maintenance, repair and replacement of parts in Vehicles.Ensure preventative maintenance programs are carried out as per schedule and monitor post repair performance.Supervise and if necessary undertake the timely repair and servicing of damaged vehicles in order to minimize downtime.Planning the trucks in advance according to the Booking Planorders sent by CS team.Use fleet GPS Tracking management G Track to track and monitor the various aspects of fleet and driver operations in order to deliver thecargoes to the customer in time.Ensure all vehicle operation policies and systems are up to date and enforced within field operation.Update knowledge of transport regulations set by the Government. For instance, knowledge of Road Safety Registration for Container Trailer which is an extension of the Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme RTSSS and Traffic Law.Check with the drivers and estimate the loadingunloading timesand followup other performance.To develop and maintain the recordkeeping system truck No, Truck licensing, Driver registrations, Driver Scroll for KPI and so onUnderstanding of what is the more important jobs and makedecisions promptly to assign diver and truck.To take care from drivers situations and their concerns. Solve the problems, complaints and suggest appropriate solution to management team.Effective communication and remain calm under immense pressure.Review the performance of drivers monthly and take necessary actions if needed.Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate drivers to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.Develop, maintain and ensure adherence to disciplinary procedures and drivers orientation programTo record the proper use of fuel for long trips maintain log and account for fuel and oil tanks

Job posted: 7.6.2020

Site Storekeeper
Company: PFE Company Limited

Plans and performs work that involves ordering, receiving, inspecting, returning, unloading, shelving, packing, labeling, pricing, delivering, and maintaining a perpetual inventory of forms, office supplies, and various types of equipment.Rotates stock and arranges for disposal of surpluses.Keeps records to maintain inventory control, cost containment and to assure proper stock levelsCoordinates freight handling, equipment moving and minor repairsOversees mail handling and courier serviceOperates simple office machines which may in some cases include computer assisted inventory, automotive equipment, and may operate a forklift or other light equipment used in moving heavy items.May participate in the selection, training and supervision of subordinates, when applicable.Performs related and peripheral sitespecific duties as required

Job posted: 29.5.2020

Senior Site Store
Company: PFE Company Limited

Be responsible for the security of the stores area and all stock and plant To lead a small team to provide a plant and material service for CS that complies with agreed procedures for the efficient performance of the stores areaEnsure stock items held meet the requirements and specifications to meet operational demandLiaise with site management in to ensure that trends are accommodated with in the min max criteria and ensure the efficient use of imprest stocks providing regular performance reports to CSMTBe accountable for the efficient and effective use of plant and equipment ensuring procedures adopted comply with HS standards for condition and performancelook for improving the efficiency of the overall service delivered and seek initiatives to improve the productivity of CS through effective stores management.

Job posted: 29.5.2020

Housingkeeping Supervisor
Company: KT Group

He She is responsible for supervising housekeeping operation of the pegu Club.HeShe is fully responsible to Maintain all Public areas, Toilets, Winsor lounge, drawing room, Prince of wales, Summer set court and front Back of the house areas to always keeps clean tidy according to the standard of the club.HeShe is always assigned to maintain and monitor all toilets are being set with full toiletry accessories such as Towel Tray, hand soap, Lotion, Tissue, candle, Flower Vase, fragrant spray, Dish bin, Hands towel bin, and so on...Makes sure all public areas are well clean and maintain in good condition in public visibility. Monitor and record for usage of Chemicals, Lenin, Garbage bag, Tissue, Soap and all HK supplies. Make sure all HK supplies are maintained according to per stocked and request before its has been run out.Make sure all HK cleaning equipments are well functioning and good conditions for operation.Maintain, monitor and record for all breakage, Damaged, Misused of clubs properties.Make sure all HK equipments are in wellarranged and stored in proper place and proper sequence.Giving proper assignments to all HK staffs and follow up jobs are done on time with standard quality of club.Make sure HeShe is well maintained weekly Monthly HK inventory record and report to Club Operation Manager.Make sure He She is highly maintain monitor hygiene of the HK covered area each every time.Make sure HeShe is fully aware and train the staffs to knowledge of potentials chemicals hazards in every areas of daily operations.

Job posted: 29.5.2020

Store Supervisor
Company: Fair Deal Co., Ltd

Report to the Store Supervisor reports to the Store Manager 2nd Overall in charge of managing store operations, team member hiring, training development, managing operational cost, and planning execution of company initiatives to maximize the stores profitability.Assist the Store Manager in managing overall store operations. Execute store standards and provide customer service according to company standards. Ensure that all company policies, procedures, and controls are implemented and enforced to all team members. Assist to control in store expenses and shrinkage within company guidelines. Execute operations initiatives and promotions on time. Assists Store Manager in ensuring compliance in all areas of customer service, store operations, and loss prevention. Act as Team Leader to supervise and provide training and development of team members. Complete and submit all store administrative reports on time. Ring Sales accurately. Display stocks according to company merchandising standards. Ensure store cleanliness is according to company and government standards. Sell ethical, OTC medicine, and consumer products according to companys and government agencys standards.

Job posted: 29.5.2020

Company: PFE Company Limited

Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroomReceive, unload, and shelve suppliesPerform other stockrelated duties, including returning, packing, pricing, and labeling suppliesInspect deliveries for damage or discrepancies report those to accounting for reimbursements and record keepingRotate stock and coordinate the disposal of surplusesEnsure adequate record keeping and manage all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory controlCoordinate the handling of freight, the movement of equipment, and necessary minor repairs

Job posted: 28.5.2020

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