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Site Engineer
Company: La Pyae Wun Co.,Ltd

Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Job posted: 20.4.2020
Alarm detecting and acquisition Filtering of redundant alarms Recording and filtering of transient alarms Opening and managing of alarm records Create TT of fault. Dispatching of alarms Detecting of alarm clearance Analyzing of alarm records Take proper action to restore the fault. Properly judge the complexity of the fault and escalate to second level engineer effectively. Assign TT to FLEPower CoFiber Co3rd parties and himself along with SMS notification voice call The FLEPower CoFiber Co3rd parties will resolve the fault and close the TT on OWS tool. In Case of tool is not accessible due to any reason, the FLE will call Surveillance Engineer on NOC number, thereby giving the RCA of the fault. Surveillance Engineer will close the TT with relevant information provided by the resolver team. Standard operations reporting Daily, weekly, monthly as per agreed formatCommunications Working Relationships:The framework, Boundaries, Decision Making Authority, and Responsibility: Confine to ACS Datacentre Front office NOC responsibility only.

Job posted: 26.3.2020

M.E.P Design Engineer
Company: Hoang Anh Gia Lai Myanmar Company Limited

Ensuring the quality, progress and cost of MEP design items delivered through the organization and supervision of design consultancy contractors.Proposing design ideas, participating in technical evaluation and ranking consultancy contractors in order to select contractors who are capable of project implementation experience of the company.Monitor and supervise the design process of the consultant according to the current design standards and the terms of the signed contract.Checking and accepting design, making proposals for payment of design contracts and ensuring the quality of dossiers and accuracy of payment values.Working with PEs and authorities in Myanmar to agree on a design plan as prescribedExplain the design to relevant parts, inspect the construction and installation work and propose handling of design conflicts in the construction to ensure the project schedule, quality and costs.Design check the design drawings of the consultant according to the current design standards.Working with investors providing telecommunications services investing in building waves, ...

Job posted: 25.3.2020

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