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We found 16 job offers Chemical Engineering Jobs in Myanmar

Chemical Engineer
Company: Supreme Group Of Companies

Collect, test and analyze water and other related samples to determine their physical and chemical properties. Analyze samples either collected or provided using laboratory equipment to determine the physical and chemical components. Record all findings for reference and reporting purposes. Maintains all lab equipment : maintains inventory for lab supplies. Plans and coordinates the daily activities test for lab Water and Wastewater Advice wastewater and water treatment plant operations base on lab analysis result. Prepare lab analysis report and maintained the record.

Job posted: 24.11.2023

Maintainer (Chemical Process) (Code-41968)
Company: Dagon Glory Co., Ltd.

The recruitment company is manufacturing Industry located in Thilawa.RESPONSIBILITIESComplies with established job safety practices, policies and procedures a specified in plant and corporate directives for the safe performance of the work assignment.Conducts inspection of in process materials and in process and finished product.Responsible for supplies, material, and parts required for assigned area.Performs record keeping duties as required under the direction of management.Accesses, inputs, and retrieves information from the computer.Supplies and maintains required hand tools.Performs cleanup, painting, and housekeeping duties.May performs various lab chemical function for assigned area.Initiates, reviews, and follows all standard operating procedures SOPs for area of responsibility.Required to work assigned schedules or shifts, rotating days and nights, Monday through Sunday, working hours may vary as specified by management.

Job posted: 24.11.2023

Production Manager
Company: TOA Coating (Myanmar) Co., Ltd

Set operation plan of each section in the production department to match with the company business plan.Prepared production capacity must be sufficient for the marketdemand and produce the product met standard quality and delivery to customers on time. Ensure that production process run reliably and efficiently, including prepare the suitable manpower plan and machine selection. Prepare the department yearly investment budget and expenses. Present to top management for approval as well as control investment andor expenses as approved. Ensure key performance indicators are in place and meet the production targets. Implement any new policies and procedures relating to the production process. Be responsible for the maintenance of machines and equipment. Work with others manager and subordinate to implement the companys policies and goals. Ensure all employees follow industry standard health and safety guidelines. Identify training needs, supervise and motivate team members. Liaise among different departments. Performs other duties as assigned.

Job posted: 2.4.2022

Quality Control Officer (Call Center)
Company: Telecom International Myanmar Co., Ltd

Resolving complaint about knowledge and attitude of Call Center Agents.Checking quality of Agents by checking showroom.Training knowledge for Call Center Agents.Control, analysis and propose solution to improve the quality of Call Center Agents.

Job posted: 9.1.2021

QC Inspector
Company: Polyconcept Shanghai

Conduct inprocess online Final inspection, preshipment and loading inspectionPrepare and Issue Inspection Report precisely based on Inspection Findings within 24hours after InspectionInform POM or QE of any Specific Issues, Problems, Comments, Findings during Inspection Processing and make a Record into Inspection Report if necessaryExplain the Inspection Result and Comments to VendorFactory Representative after InspectionCoordinate with factories rework and reinspection of rejected orderConduct Onsite Assessment of Production and Material Status to support merchandiser in making Necessary Adjustments and Arrangements to guarantee Shipments on timeIdentify problems in early stage of the production process and provide solutionsConduct with vendorfactory for the claims and provide Technical Assistance to the VendorFactory on Continuous Improvement of Quality Control CapabilitySupport QE and Work with VendorFactory to determine Root Cause and implement Corrective Actions of BU Claim if requiredVisit travel to the vendorsfactories based on the company inspection scheduleArrange the Travel Route and Transportation properly to save the Travel CostThe other task assigned by superiorResponsible for sourcing of new countries, regions and or factoriesWork closely with BU sides on vendor selection and consider new vendor from different resourceProvide inputs to BUs on price, quantity and lead time decisions. Responsible for full order follow up starting from PO until goods shippedConduct ongoing trend research and identify hot products from vendors for the category, give inputs to PD merchandisers on preferred vendors for new product developmentNegotiate pricequantityETD by exception when vendors disagree with the initial POs issued from BUs. Validate with sourcing controller and category manager on price discrepancy and validate with BU logistics teams on quantity and ETD discrepancyLiaise with BU sourcing controllers to identify potential to improve margins e.g. price negotiation, changing existing vendors, changing specifications, etc., When changing vendors for existing products, manage the process to decide on new vendors as well as validating vendor compliance with Compliance teamSupport sourcing action defined during VPR andor sourcing priority list Lead vendor relationship management, identifying preferred vendor by SKU and consistently tracking their performance based on predefined KPI and vendor scorecardCoordinate with category managers, vendors, Sourcing and Operations teams to ensure product development schedules are maintainedProvide input to build up product specifications and provide cost engineering recommendation to category directormanagersWork with Compliance teams on product compliance and ensure new products meet legal requirementsParticipate in fairs to find new and appropriate vendors and frequently have travelling to visit vendors

Job posted: 8.1.2021

QC Lab Technician
Company: AA Medical Products

Receiving and testing the samples of Finished Products, in process ,validation ,stability samples and toll qc samples.Performing inhouse calibration 3 monthly and 6 monthly for analytical equipment UV,FTIR and Dissolution apparatus.Performing HPLC operations for other testing samples by other lab technicians as per approved test method and specification.

Job posted: 21.9.2020

Junior Technical Staff For Water Treatment
Company: Myanmar Golden Rock International Co., Ltd.

Visit to customer place for Site Survey Can work laboratory status at site,Make a monthly sales plan report and have to submit to SupervisorTechnically expert in Water Treatment industry. Should not have any allergy from chemicals Perform technical presentations and demonstrate the superiority of product services that meets exceeds client needs

Job posted: 24.7.2020

Power Plant Supervisor (Rice)
Company: Wilmar Myanmar International Co., Ltd.

Fully responsible for the safety, energy saving, economic and environmental protection operation management of power plant equipment.Compile the power workshop work manual, and continuously improve it.Prepare daily safety inspection plan and organize implementation.Collect and manage safety technical files of boilers and auxiliary equipment.Propose a boiler emergency rescue drill plan and be responsible for organizing the specific work of the boiler emergency rescue drill.Cooperate with special equipment safety supervision and management departments and inspection and testing agencies to implement safety supervision and inspection, inspection and testing and operator assessment.Timely check that the data records of the handover shifts of the teams are correct and that the equipment operation and maintenance records are perfect, analyze the working status of each team, and take effective measures in time to improve working efficiency.Put forward reasonable suggestions and continuously improve the equipment and working process.Punish and educate those who violate the management system.Compile the operation SOP and provide the training.Responsible for employee safety inspection and rectification of the workshop.

Job posted: 13.7.2020

Boiler & Turbine Technician (Power Plant)
Company: Wilmar Myanmar International Co., Ltd.

Strictly implement the boiler safety operation rules and various rules and regulations, carefully operate and correctly fill in the operation records to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler.Strictly abide by the labor discipline, stick to the post and obey the production command do not drink alcohol and do nothing related to the post within 4 hours before work and on duty.Check the operation of the equipment in time and find that the boiler has abnormal phenomena and endangers the safety. It should take emergency shutdown measures and report to the superior in time.Do a good job in the maintenance of boilers, auxiliary machines and safety accessories to ensure the safety of people and equipment.Any illegal command that endangers the safe operation of the boiler shall be refused to be executed.Keep the boiler equipment and power plant clean inside and outside to achieve civilized production.Work hard to learn business knowledge and continuously improve the operation level.Attached: The conditions that power plant operators should have:At least 18 years old and in good health. Abide by labor discipline and love your job. Have junior high school education or above.After examination and training, obtain the boiler operation certificate issued by the boiler safety supervision agency.Skills to be mastered:Basic knowledge of steam, pressure, temperature, fuel, combustion, ventilation, etc.Familiar with and master the structure and performance of the boiler, the operation of the boiler ignition, boost, operation, adjustment, ignition and shutdown.Function, inspection and flushing of water level gauge and pressure gauge function, simple working principle, operation and troubleshooting of water level alarm and automatic instrument.The harm and prevention methods of scale, soot, coking and so on to the boiler.Boiler feed water, water quality standards and water treatment methods.Basic knowledge of boiler maintenance.Types of common boiler accidents, causes, prevention and treatment methods.

Job posted: 13.7.2020

Lab Technician (QA/QC)
Company: Wilmar Myanmar International Co., Ltd.

To perform QC testing on raw material in process finished productsTo make proper recording and communication of test result to related production departmentAccording to the laboratory management system and work flow, complete routine inspection and analysis work supervise site production according to standard operationIdentify quality or hidden trouble, report and assistTo complete the temporary work assigned by the leader

Job posted: 11.7.2020

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